Life at Deer Creek


The daily schedule at Deer Creek is built around a 6-period day. In addition to academic and exploratory/elective periods, each grade has a common 30-minute lunch period that includes the opportunity to get outside for some fresh air and exercise. At the end of the day is Access, a 27-minute flex period where students can get started on homework, get extra help from teachers, make up work, and participate in team-building activities.

Passing Periods and Lockers


The four minutes between classes is called a passing period. The passing period gives students time to move from room to room, visit the restroom, get supplies from lockers, and socialize with others. Each student is assigned a locker for the school year with a unique combination lock, with ample room to store backpacks, coats, books, and supplies.

Grading and Infinite Campus

Deer Creek uses a standard-based grading system to assess student progress in both content understanding and work habits development. For more information about grading policies, please visit our forms and documents page. Student grades are recorded in Infinite Campus, which students and parents can access through the Campus Portal. The portal allows viewers to see the teacher gradebook entries for the student for each class, including scores for assignments and assessments, as well as missing work. Updated weekly, the portal is the easiest and quickest way to keep up-to-date on student academic progress.

Jeffco TechForEd Chromebook Initiative


The Jeffco TechForEd 1:1 Chromebook Initiative supports a learning environment where every student has access to technology every day, at school and at home.  Students will need reliable home access to the internet for research, communication, and homework.

For 2021-22, incoming 6th graders from Jeffco schools will keep the Chromebook they were assigned in 5th grade; students new to Jeffco will be assigned a device to use while at Deer Creek.  An annual fee of $50 is charged to all families to cover the costs of software, support, and infrastructure.  A device warranty is also available for an additional fee.  Under the initiative, students will receive a new device upon entering 9th grade at a Jeffco school.  Privately owned laptops, chromebooks, and other devices may be used at home, but are not allowed at school, as they do not have access to the networks, apps, software, and assessments that district devices use.

6th Graders Speak- Favorite Thing about Deer Creek


6th Grade

6th graders have 4 core classes – English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math - and two Exploratory classes each trimester, giving students six different exploratories for the year.  6th graders also have the option of choosing band, orchestra, or choir during one of their exploratory periods for the year, in exchange for other exploratory classes. As with 6th graders throughout Jeffco, Deer Creek 6th graders attend Outdoor Education Lab each year. In order to accommodate our large number of 6th graders, we will be assigned to both Windy Peak and Mt. Evans OELS sites.

7th Grade

7th graders have 4 core classes – English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies – and two elective classes. In addition to 25 trimester-long electives, 7th graders can also choose from several year-long electives, including choir, band, orchestra, Spanish, and French. As an option within their English/Language Arts class, 7th graders choose from three themes for their final trimester:  Spoken Word, Dystopian Worlds, or Historical Stories.

Students in the STEM pathway have three elective requirements:

  • Mechanics of Engineering
  • One Technology elective
  • One Communications elective
  • For the complete catalog of 7th grade STEM electives, visit our 7th Grade STEM Guide.

    Students in the Humanities pathway have four elective requirements:

  • One Fine & Performing Arts elective
  • One Health & Applied Arts elective
  • One Communications elective
  • One Language & Cultures elective
  • For the complete catalog of 7th grade Humanities electives, visit our 7th Grade Humanities Guide.

    8th Grade

    8th graders also have 4 core classes and 2 electives. As an option within their English/Language Arts class, 8th graders select from three themes for their final trimester:  Debate, Poetry, or Social Justice.

    In addition to year-long electives such as band, orchestra, choir, Spanish 1 & 2, and French 1 & 2, students can choose from 33 trimester-long electives.  There are no pathway elective requirements for 8th graders, giving students the most flexibility to personalize their elective experiences.  As the oldest grade at Deer Creek, 8th graders are looked upon to provide guidance and leadership in the school. Many electives are open only to 8th graders, including the opportunity to be a teacher aide or a student mentor in our Significant Support Needs program.  For the complete catalog of 8th grade electives, visit our 8th Grade Course Guide.

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